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Collectively having an impact


How will we collectively increase sport and physical activity in Bromley?

Increase in opportunities

Areas of high population density, deprivation, and low life expectancy in the borough will be targeted. There will be an increase in the healthy lifestyle initiatives to attract young people and inactive adults.

Outdoor activity

Further capitalise on the activity undertaken in the large number of parks and green spaces in the borough. Increase development of walking, cycling and running initiatives and support more informal, casual participation opportunities.

Access to activity

The low public transport provision in the south of the borough, along with the distance residents have to travel for access to sport and physical activity will be considered when developing new schemes and activities.

Tackling inactivity

The prevalence of obesity, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes is rising significantly, reducing people’s life expectancy, therefore Pro-Active Bromley will target children and adults who are inactive. We will seek to maximise the financial return on investment through reducing chronic diseases, and narrowing health inequalities.

Ageing population

Bromley has a large number of older residents. Pro-Active Bromley will target the 50+ age bracket, with interventions located where there is a greater concentration of older residents.

Support for schools

The move to academy schools across the Borough means new approaches to communication and working across the schools network needs to be adopted, to enable a joined up and systematic approach to supporting schools. Pro-Active Bromley will seek to maximise the use of the school sport premium funding for primary schools and share examples of best practice.


Under-represented groups

Continue to support under-represented groups such as people with disabilities, older people, people from disadvantaged areas, people from minority ethnic groups, women and girls, and those with unhealthy lifestyles.


Continue to support the successes achieved through volunteers, buddies and peer mentors. Increase the number of volunteers and volunteering opportunities.



Develop a clear and simple communication strategy to communicate effectively with our partners, providing relevant information, advice and guidance. Join up the work of Pro-Active Bromley partners, and support the development, delivery and marketing of initiatives.

Support for sports clubs

Provide information, advice and guidance to sports clubs and community organisations including support for external funding applications.


External funding

Continue to access resources to support the delivery of the Strategy and the work undertaken by Pro-Active Bromley’s wider partners. In these times of public sector austerity, the advocacy for sport and physical activity and the role and importance of the voluntary sector is becoming increasingly important.