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How we are run


We are a voluntary organisation, connecting, facilitating and promoting the work that clubs, schools, community groups and businesses are doing to get Bromley active.

As a small team we concentrate on providing forums and opportunities for sharing and learning from each other. We do this through this website, and through the meetings, forums and events that we organise.

Our structure

Pro-Active Bromley Executive

Our Pro-Active Bromley Executive is the principle driver for the development, delivery and performance management of this Strategic Framework.

It leads on developing partnership arrangements with key organisations and stakeholders to ensure that sport and physical activity priorities are embedded within wider cross cutting agendas.

Our delivery groups and annual action plans

Through our delivery groups, we work with key stakeholders, community and voluntary groups, schools and other partners, to develop annual action plans. These action plans outline the initiatives and projects that we will support.

The Pro-Active Bromley Executive provides a governance structure for sport and physical activity, it will monitor, review and challenge the individual initiatives contained within the following:

  • Adult and Older People annual action plan
  • Children and Young People annual action plan

Annual sports forum

We also organise an annual sports forum to consult with sports clubs, community organisations, schools, and other partners, and to provide information and advice on new national developments, initiatives and funding.

The feedback received from the sports forum is used to inform the action plans for the following year.

View details of our 2018 Sports Forum.

Key downloads

How we are run: Our structure
How we are run: Our structure