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Our vision and aims


Our vision

To support an active and healthier Bromley through sport and physical activity

Our aims

  • To support the increase in participation in sport and physical activity across the Borough
  • To support the reduction in the number of inactive people and encourage regular and sustainable activity habits for those new to physical activity
  • To increase peoples activity levels for people who are already active
  • To focus on under-representative groups, promoting innovative, demand led initiatives
  • To focus on encouraging more disabled people into activity
  • To promote the wider health, social, community and economic benefits of sport and physical activity
  • To support initiatives that promote an increase in volunteering, participation and membership at local sports clubs
  • To identify and seek external funding and grants to support the work of Pro-Active Bromley and its partners
  • To communicate information, advice and guidance to sports clubs, community organisations, schools and other key partners