About us


We exist to create an active Bromley through sport and physical activity

We are a Community Sports and Physical Activity Network (CSPAN) established as a strategic, independent alliance of partners who are active in sustaining and increasing participation in sport and physical activity in the London Borough of Bromley.

We are a voluntary organisation, connecting, facilitating and promoting the work that clubs, schools, community groups and businesses are doing to get Bromley active.

As a small team we concentrate on providing forums and opportunities for sharing and learning from each other. We do this through:

  • this website
  • our Pro-Active Bromley Executive
  • our delivery groups
  • our annual action plans
  • our annual sports forum

Key documents:

How we are run

The Pro-Active Bromley structure

Our partners

Pro-Active Bromley is supported by a range of partner organisations

Our vision and aims

The vision and aims of Pro-Active Bromley

Our role

The role of Pro-Active Bromley

Collectively having an impact

How Pro-Active Bromley will collectively increase sport and physical activity in Bromley

Our key achievements

Our key achievements during the last few yeras